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A truely holistic approach

We help NT farmers, cattle stations, fishermen and crabbers keep on top of their tax affairs.

Overcoming barriers

We work with many local fruit and vegetable farmers and fishermen, many from diverse backgrounds and who may experience language barriers when dealing with their ATO obligations.

These clients are great at their work but often have difficulties understanding their legal and other obligations, which can make managing their tax affairs overwhelming.

What sets us apart?

What sets Vita Gustafson and Associates apart in the farming and primary production area is Thanh Thai, one of our partners.

Primary production accounting and advice

Thanh Thai

Partner, Vita Gustafson & Associates

Thanh, who is fluent in Vietnamese, overcomes language and cultural barriers to help our clients from many countries—including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia—navigate often-complex taxation and business issues.

In fact, Thanh was made an honorary member of the NT Farmers Association in 2016 for her dedicated work in this area. She also assisted with the foundation of the NT Vietnamese Horticultural Association and maintains an active role in it.

As well as primary producers, Thanh also specialises in assisting clients with businesses in the beauty, massage, building and construction, medical and restaurant sectors.

How we help

Thanh helps clients to overcome barriers and grow their business.

  • BAS
  • Income tax
  • Registering for the backpacker tax
  • Employee payment summaries and superannuation
  • Renewing trading names
  • Applying for licences
  • Applying for permits
  • Business auditing
  • Citizenship applications

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